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Working with Jabriel Ballentine has helped me achieve true balance in my life. With the demands of having your own business, it was hard for me to find time to incorporate spiritual practice in my life. Jabriel taught me how to make time for it and better yet, how to apply it to my day to day lifestyle. His help and guidance has been an invaluable piece to my success, and I want others to experience the same accomplishments by working with him.

Tony Thomas

I truly appreciate how you challenge me to reflect on my Christian values when I am struggling with decisions that I need to make. You remind me of what I already know, but often forget or choose to ignore because it requires me to take a difficult path. Your guidance helps me to act in integrity consistently and you have truly helped me to insert God into my life in a more intentional and meaningful way. You also have really helped me to grapple with the Word and its application to my relationships with others and you help translate the Word to the struggles we encounter on a daily basis.

Rashida G.

Fr. Jabriel has been my companion on my journey of faith for over (4) years - through some of the most challenging periods of my formation. Because of him I am a better person and a better priest. He is passionate, faithful, patient, and sincere. He listens closely. He is supportive, bringing his broad experiences and deep spiritual/intellectual/theological insights to bear for my benefit. He continues to offer me constancy and strength, walking with me unwavering, and helping me to better understand my choices and the path ahead as I seek to discern God's call on my life.    

Fr. Cayce R.
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